Charleston, SC is a city that has been a popular destination for short-term travelers and people permanently relocating throughout its history, but especially in the past decade or so when it started regularly appearing at the top of lists dedicated to the best cities in the US and internationally.

This city on the southeastern coast of South Carolina personifies southern charm and old-fashioned hospitality. The locals are as warm as the weather and while the city rests on a foundation of tradition, it has plenty of cutting-edge and modern culture to enjoy.

Industries and Employers in Charleston, SC

The economy in Charleston, SC is driven by a variety of industries and employers. The tourism industry provides a large number of jobs and brings new people to the city and its surrounding towns. The population growth of the Charleston metropolitan area also creates a need for urban planning, renovation, and new construction of both commercial and residential properties.

There are several other industries employers in Charleston that bring traveling professionals to the area:

  • SC Ports Authority
  • Boeing
  • Automobile Manufacturing
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Volvo
    • General Dynamics Land Systems
  • Tech and IT
    • Blackbaud
    • BoomTown
    • SPARC
    • CSS
    • Benefitfocus

Things to Do in Charleston, SC

When it comes to spending off-hours in Charleston, SC, traveling professionals have a long and varied list of things to do. The historic Charleston Peninsula boasts world-class restaurants and shopping as well as sightseeing and tours of historical buildings and neighborhoods. There are also many museums to explore for those looking to dig deeper into the area’s history and culture.

Off the peninsula, there are many other things to do in Charleston and the surrounding areas. There are multiple beaches just a short drive from the area’s residential communities. Shopping is readily available at several large shopping centers and outlet malls. And you can find quality dining options throughout the city and its suburbs.

The Charleston metro area regularly hosts concerts, sporting events, theater performances, festivals, and other special events. There are minor-league hockey and baseball teams for sports fans and the local universities and colleges also have athletic events open to the public.

Corporate Housing in Charleston, SC

If you’re a traveling professional headed to Charleston for work, contact B&C to learn more about options for corporate housing in Charleston, SC. We work with clients to provide comfortable, convenient, and affordable short and long-term housing that goes beyond what is available with other short-term rentals or extended-stay hotels. Get in touch today to learn more!

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